BMW Pre iDrive Video Interface

BMW Pre iDrive Video Interface


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The TVandNav2Go video interface for BMW vehicles without iDrive 96-06 will allow you to add up to two video sources like backup camera or dvd to your factory navigation screen.

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The TVANDNAV2GO RGB Nav Video interface module for BMW will work on the following vehicles and years, please make sure that your vehicle does not have the iDrive controller in the center console. 

BMW 3 series 1999-2005

BMW 5 series 1997-2003

BMW 7 series 1996-2001

BMW X3 - 2004-2010

BMW X5 - 2000-2006

BMW Z4 - 2003-2008

This video module is the  easiest way to interface a video source such as a DVD Player, TV Tuner, Reverse  Backup Video Camera, iPod Video, Video Game Console, PC with composite output or  other video source directly to your BMW vehicles  OEM GPS Navigation LCD screen  / LCD Display. The RGB features dual composite video inputs, one of which can be  activated automatically when shifting the vehicle into reverse (usually used  with a back-up camera).

The TVANDNAV2GO RGB is an externally  wired plug and play RGB converter interface that is installed inline of the GPS  navigation computer in your BMW vehicle and LCD screen; it works  simply by interrupting the RGB video signal from your GPS navigation computer  when you flip a toggle switch or activate 12V on the reverse camera line. When  this occurs the GPS navigation system video image will be replaced by the video  input that is connected to the TVANDNAV2GO RGB module.



 You will need an additional DVD player, back-up camera or PS2/XBOX to display your video on your screen. Sound is processed through a wireless fm modulator. An auxiliary sound input interface may also be available depending on the make and model of your car.

The TVandNav2Go video interface for BMW  is plug & play and connects directly behind the factory screen, please note that you do have to remove the screen. After connecting the oem type  harness at the screen, you just need to get 12v ignition power and ground. If adding backup camera, a wire need to be connected at reverse lights so that your backup camera automatically displays on the factory screen when the vehicle is put in reverse. It's that simple!

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