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Welcome to TVandNav2Go the innovators NOT imitators of navigation to video conversions. Unlike most of the companies in this field today, we can convert 99% of all vehicle navigation screens to a full multimedia center, not just the easy ones.

TVandNAV2Go video interface is 100% PLUG & PLAY no wire cutting required. TVandNAV2Go converter comes with a vehicle specific harness that eliminates the need for cutting wires. TVandNAV2Go PLUG & PLAY harness is made using OEM connectors.


We are the Car Tv Navigation specialists for you. Our company specializes in Navigation TV (Nav TV) conversion units and mobile video systems that give you the ability to easily integrate an external A/V source to your vehicles OEM navigation system. You can connect an in car DVD player, mobile tv, VCR, mobile satellite tv, video game console, rear view backup camera, computer or any other mobile video device and display it on your OEM car tv screen. The TVandNav2Go Nav video interface features dual video inputs, one of which can be activated automatically when shifting the vehicle into reverse (usually used with a back-up camera), it also features complete control settings for brightness, as well as a series of DIP switches that are configurable for each car video navigation system. Many of our products at this time are available as plug and play solutions. So whether your needs are for a car dvd player, rgb converter, car mobile video, car navigation gps, in car dvd, car tv, car electronics, or car entertainment of any kind we have what you will need. We also offer vehicle specific diagrams for non plug and play vehicles that make installation very simple. Our technical support team is available Mon-Sat from 8AM-5PM EST to answer any and all of your technical questions. We can be reached at 718-763-7367 or email us at sales@TVandNav2Go.com.

The TVandNav2Go Nav Video interfaces do not replace your navigation system; our modules and kits add a video input feature while still maintaining the OEM appearance and functionality of your stock navigation unit. What we do is cutting edge in car audio and video electronics. TVandNav2Go Nav video interface is externally installed inline with your car navigation gps and LCD car tv screen, it interrupts the video feed of the navigation system and introduces the video feed of your choice. There is toggle switch attached to the Nav TV RGB video interface unit which will allow you to have manual control over the switching between the navigation system and the video input, the backup camera display is automatic when the car is put in reverse. At the same time it allows the navigation to still interrupt the sound of the video source and give the driver directions even when your watching an in car dvd or playing a video game. One simple click and you’re back at the navigation systems function menu. With this new innovative feature you and your passengers will be able to enjoy a whole new world of car mobile tv and multimedia entertainment. We offer the latest in car video systems.


 TVandNav2Go.com / P&L Electronics has been serving the community for over 35 years. We are located in the heart of Brooklyn at 7718 Flatlands Ave. between E77 and E78 Street. 

We carry a complete line of Audio and Video equipment and specialize in seamless factory upgrades for navigation equipped vehicles. This upgrade allows your current Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen to be converted into a mobile theater system, rear camera monitor , or personal computer screen. We currently offer seamless video integration modules for Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini-Cooper, Nissan, Porsche, Range Rover and many more. We also offer OEM (factory) TV Tuner kits capable of local TV reception and external A/V inputs for DVD players etc.

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