Chrysler Dodge Jeep Mygig Video Interface 2008-2010

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Mygig Video Interface 2008-2010


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The TVandNav2Go Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep video interface is for 2008-2010 vehicles with the MyGig radio will allow you to add up to three video sources to your factory navigation screen.

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The TVandNav2Go Chrysler / Dodge /Jeep video interface for 2008-2010 vehicles with  the MyGig radio (please note that phone (call) button is on RIGHT side of screen)  will allow you to add up to three video sources including backup camera, DVD iPod video etc to your factory navigation screen. Please make sure that your vehicle has a head unit like the unit pictured below:

2008-2010 MyGig Screen

The TVandNav2Go interface for 2008-2010 Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep vehicles with MyGig radios (MAKE SURE CALL BUTTON IS TO RIGHT OF THE SCREEN)  will allow you to add up to three video sources to your factory navigation (or no nav)  screen. You will retain all of your original factory functions while being able to view additional video on the screen. The TVandNav2Go Chrysler Dodge Jeep for MyGig uses your factory buttons (steering wheel controls)  so that everything in the vehicle retains its factory look and feel.

If you're adding aftermarket backup camera, the image will display automatically on the factory navigation screen when the vehicle is put in reverse.  


The TVandNav2Go Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep for 2008-2010 MyGig radios is not completely plug and play, this does require you to open up the radio and replace a ribbon cable and Solder a wire onto the radio board inside the radio so you must be able to open the radio. In addition, you will need to get power and ground to the interface. We provide full instructions for installing the interface in your factory headunit.

In addition, since our interfaces are video only, you will need to add something for sound like an aux in, or fm modulator if your vehicle does not have one already.

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