Infiniti Nissan GVIF Video Interface

Infiniti Nissan GVIF Video Interface


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TVandNav2Go Video Interface for Infiniti/Nissan vehicles listed in the description. This will allow you to add up to 3 video sources to your factory navigation screen including, backup camera, DVD, iPod video, and TV Tuner. 

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The TVandNav2Go video interface for Infiniti Nissan GVIF works in the following vehicles:

  • 2010 INFINITI FX / M 2010~
  • 2010~ NISSAN GT-R
  • 2014~ INFINITI QX

 Infiniti Dash


With the TVandNav2Go interface for Infiniti Nissan GVIF, you can turn your factory screen into an entertainment system  allowing up to three video sources including backup camera. With the TVandNav2Go Infiniti Nissan  GVIF interface , you will be able to retain all of your factory functions, and your factory system but still be able to add video on the screen. Installation is plug & play, and operation is simple with the included remote control.. It's that simple.

The TVandNav2Go video interface for Infiniti Nissan  is plug and play at the factory navigation.  There are two iinstallation options, the first that is mostly plug & play allows you to automatically view a backup camera on the screen when the vehicle is placed in reverse without having to connect a wire to reverse lights in the vehicle. This option involves cutting two wires in the vehicle and connecting them to our interface, these are the can hi & low wires that are conveniently located in the same area behind the navigation. In addition, 12v ignition power and ground are needed. The second installation option would allow you to forgo connecting the can wires, but you would need to connect a wire to reverse lights in the vehicle.

The TVandNav2Go interface for Infiniti Nissan is video only, you must use your factory aux in for sound if adding a video source like DVD or iPod video, or add an aux in or FM Modulator

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